Nashville Software School Full Time Data Analytics Cohort 4

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Data Analytics Cohort 4 recognizes that our learning experience was made possible by the perspectives of instructors, staff, alumni, community partners, field experts, and more. Below, we extend our immense gratitude to those who encouraged and challenged us throughout our journey at NSS.

Alumni and Data Professionals

We appreciate previous NSS students and other professionals in Data Analytics who provided insight about what to expect once we enter the field. They described their own job search, provided feedback about our projects, answered endless questions, and reassured us that the NSS program was preparing us for this next stage of our careers. We hope to pay this kindness forward by sharing our own knowledge and modeling their positive influence when given the opportunity.

We give great thanks to:

  • Alex Trambley
  • Ann Rumsey
  • Ben Hummel
  • Brandon Scott
  • Chris Mulvey
  • Chris Hart
  • Heather Sopel
  • Mark Koivula
  • Matthias Mueller
  • Nadia Roumanon
  • Rachael Abram
  • Ross Dingwall
  • Sarah Beth Ivester
  • Tito Amoguis
  • Victoria Lynn
  • Sergio Weiberg

Community Partners

Thanks to the real-world data, clients, and interviews provided by Nashville businesses and government entities, we have significant tangible experience to draw on as we enter the tech workforce. We appreciate the trust and time invested in us as students who may one day be their employees or colleagues. We believe that our future interviews and quality of work will be positively influenced by their engagement with our class.

We give special recognition and thanks to:

  • Aaron Mock - Ursa Healthcare
  • Emily Lamb - Metro Nashville Codes Administration
  • Heather Sopel - A.O. Smith
  • Keith Durbin - Metro Nashville Codes Administration
  • Ryan O'Connell - Ursa Healthcare

We give great thanks to:

  • Adam Dillon -
  • Adrienne Franke - Healthcare Bluebook
  • Alla Naslimova - Clayton Homes
  • Amy Neal - Metro Nashville Codes Administration
  • Ann Rumsey - Pinnacle Financial Partners
  • Britnee Foreman - Exceleration Music
  • Catherine Bass - Onlife Health
  • Charles Lindquist - Healthcare Bluebook
  • Chelsea Core - Healthcare Bluebook
  • Cristina Ingram - Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Ed Hickey - HealthTrust
  • Jerome Jourquin - Susan B Komen
  • John Irvin - Deloitte
  • LeighAnn Rodd - Cracker Barrel
  • Luke Wylie - Perception Health
  • Matthew Rodgers - A.O. Smith
  • Nadia Roumanos - HealthTrust
  • Rachel Mitchell - Trinisys
  • Robin Brown - Healthcare Bluebook
  • Stephen Gabor - A.O. Smith


The NSS staff consistently went above and beyond in their efforts to introduce new ways of learning, provide feedback, and model scenarios we might encounter in the field. From day one, we knew we had an extensive support system committed to our success in becoming Data Analysts. We appreciate everyone at NSS for providing us countless opportunities to grow in all domains of professionalism such as networking, work relations, resume building, and more.

We give great thanks to:

  • John Wark
  • Julie Heckler
  • Mahesh Rao
  • Michael Holloway
  • Marla Lemont
  • Jessica Grande


Finally, we know that our success in this program is largely due to the skillful teaching of our amazing instructors. Beyond simply explaining the technologies, they taught us how to struggle, ask useful questions, help each other, and help ourselves. Their confidence in us as learners gave us the space to build confidence in ourselves as budding Data Analysts.

We give great thanks to:

  • Christopher Wright…
  • for his tireless effort to make learning productive for everyone.
  • for requesting and responding to our feedback throughout the course.
  • for reminding us to laugh when things get frustrating (even at dad jokes).
  • for sharing his whole self with us and giving us space to do the same.

  • Cristina Attfield…
  • for sharing her own experience from when she was in our position as a student.
  • for keeping us organized and reminding us to push to GitHub.
  • for the genuine care she showed as she checked in with us throughout the course.
  • for modeling technological and emotional intelligence as she supported our learning.

  • Joshua Rio-Ross…
  • for relating to us as a fellow student and as a mentor.
  • for encouraging us to experiment with different problem-solving methods.
  • for answering questions in great detail, with encouragement to explore more on our own.
  • for the endless comic relief provided via Zoom chat, Slack emojis, and data puns.